Register Representative Office in the Philippines

A Representative Office in the Philippines is a foreign corporation organized and existing under foreign laws. It does not derive income from the host country and is fully subsidized by its head office. The Representative Office in the Philippines deals directly with clients of the parent company as it undertakes such activities as information dissemination, acts as a communication center and promote company products, as well as quality control of products for export.  The Representative Office is not allowed to offer its services to third parties in the Philippines.

A Philippines Representative Office is not subject to income tax since it is not allowed to generate any income from any of its services performed within the Philippines.  In addition, it is not qualified to register with PEZA or BOI.

Requirements for Registration of a Representative office in the Philippines

  1. Form F-104
  2. Name verification slip
  3. Authenticated copy of the board resolution authorizing the establishment of the office, designating the resident agent, and stipulating that in the absence of the agent summons may be served to the Philippine SEC.
  4. Financial Statements of a date not exceeding 1 year immediately prior to the application certified by an independent CPA from the home country;
  5. Affidavit of solvency;
  6. Authenticated articles of incorporation;
  7. Proof of inward capital remittance;
  8. Registration Data Sheet;
  9. Resident Agent’s (in the Philippines) acceptance of appointment