About Us

A Firm focused on Foreign Investors in the Philippines was born

As the Philippine economy rose in 2007, its highest in 31 years, foreign investors started noticing the Philippines as a developing country in Southeast Asia. Though the Philippine economy was on the rise, establishing one’s business proved to be a huge set-back compared to its prospering neighboring countries. Our company’s founders, having experienced setting up and doing business in the country themselves, took on the initiative to provide a business solution that will end the frustrations of investors who only wish to establish and do business in the country. Kittelson & Carpo was formed to make registration of your business fast and simple. We provide the service and advice you on what you need to run your business in the Philippines so you can focus your energy on your human capital, operations, and growing your revenue.

Through the years, we have evolved into a one-stop shop and have served more than a thousand companies in the Philippines.

Our Professionals

Meet our energetic team

Our team of professionals graduated from top universities and trained professionally with Fortune 500 companies or the Top 10,000 companies in the Philippines, but more importantly, we are happy individuals who love what we do and are committed to providing only the highest quality of service to our clients. Our firm provides a work-life balance and a happy environment enabling our employees to work at their maximum potential.

Management and Lawyers