Regional Headquarters

Register a Regional Headquarters (RHQs) in the Philippines

  • An RHQ undertakes activities that shall be limited to acting as supervisory, communication and coordinating center for its subsidiaries, affiliates and branches in the Asia-Pacific region
  • An RHQ acts as an administrative branch of a multinational company engaged in international trade
  • An RHQ does not derive income from sources within the Philippines and does not participate in any manner in the management of any subsidiary or branch office it might have in the Philippines
  • RHQ required capital: US$50,000.00 annually to cover operating expenses

Below are the requirements for the registration of RHQ office in the Philippines

  1. Application form for RHQ/ROHQ
  2. Name verification slip;
  3. Authenticated certification that the firm is engaged in international trade with affiliates,subsidiaries, or branch offices in the Asia Pacific Region or other foreign markets;
  4. Authenticated certification from the principal officer of the foreign entity that it wasauthorized to establish an ROHQ or RHQ in the Philippines;
  5. BOI endorsement of the approval of the RHQ/RO
  6. Proof of inward remittance of US$50,000;
  7. Registration Data Sheet
  8. Authenticated financial statements showing the solvency of the head office