BOI Registration in the Philippines

Registering with the Philippine Board of Investments (BOI) enables companies who invest in business ventures like outsourcing, manufacturing and construction to avail of tax incentives and other benefits. This promotes economic development in the Philippines, and creates job opportunities for the local workforce.

Benefits of BOI Registration in the Philippines
Listed below are the advantages enjoyed by BOI Registered companies in the Philippines:

  • Income tax holidays for 3-8 years
  • Exemption from local business taxes for a 4-6 year period
  • An equity investment in a Philippine corporation

Requirements for BOI Registration in the Philippines
Companies opting to register with BOI in the Philippines must first comply with the following requirements:

  • notarized application form
  • project summary-contains activities related to those listed in the Investment Priorities Plan
  • feasibility report-contains projected financial statements for the next five years

Pioneer and non-pioneer projects have different BOI registration requirements. Foreign-owned enterprises may apply for incentives if they engage in pioneer activities, exporting at least 70% of their total production. Companies are also obliged to obtain 60% Filipino ownership within 30 years of registration, unless willing to export 100% of their products. For non-pioneer companies, foreign ownership is limited to 40%, unless they export more than 70% of their annual production.