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Register Company in Clark, Pampanga, Philippines

Clark’s Freeport zone, formerly called “Clark Special Economic Zone” located in the Pampanga province, in Central Luzon, Philippines, is a tax and duty free zone. Medium and large sized companies, both domestic and foreign, have set up operations in Clark in order to take advantage of the tax incentives and infrastructure, which was largely developed by the United States during the time Clark was still one of it’s military air bases in the Philippines.

The development of the former US air base into a freeport zone was due to the Executive Order 619, signed by the former Philippine President, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. This executive order provides incentives and tax holidays to companies located in the freeport or special economic zones. Such tax incentive is a 5% corporate income tax on a company’s gross income.

To incorporate a company in Clark, Philippines, you must obtain a business address located in the freeport zone. Our in-house corporate and tax lawyers can assist you in drafting your Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws, registering your company with the SEC, BIR, LGU and registering you as an employer with the SSS, Philhealth and HDMF (also known as Pagibig).

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