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Subic Bay

Register Company in Subic Bay, Philippines

Subic Bay in Zambales, Philippines was once the largest overseas navy facility for the United States, also known as the “Subic Bay Naval Base”. It has a come a long way since then.  Subic Bay was converted into an industrial and commercial area known for its competitive incentives to foreign companies.


100% foreign equity including industries under manufacturing, tourism and service-oriented businesses.

SBF Qualification

  • Companies engaged in any field of economic  activity excluding those activities found in the Foreign Investments Negative List.
  • Companies doing business with countries within the Philippines, Asia Pacific Region or any part of the world

SBR Qualification

Multinational companies engaging in regional/international trade or services with business activities such as manufacturing, trading, marketing, financial services and treasury and locating their regional headquarters within the Subic Bay Freeport Zone.


  • Income Tax Holiday granted on a project basis
  • Registered companies do not have to pay local and national taxes such as franchise tax, property tax, value-added tax and Mayor’s Permit fee.
  • Duty Free exemptions on various items such as imported raw materials, consumer products or equipment to be consumed within the freeport zone.


The SBMA grants special resident and investors visas. The Subic Special Investors Visa (SSIV) can be granted to those investors with a minimum investment of USD 250,000 into the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Subic Special work Visas (SSWW) can be granted to foreign nationals who holds an executive position in the company or foreign nationals who will be employed for their highly technical skills.

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