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Requirements for Securing Permits and Clearances

List of Requirements for Securing Permits and Clearances for Application of Mayor’s Permit

Barangay Business Clearance

  • SEC/DTI/CDC Registration (photocopy)
  • Contract of Lease (notarized)
  • Barangay Clearance Fee

Building Permit and Electrical Inspection Certificate

  • Building plans (including fencing, signboard, etc.)
  • Lot plan
  • Clearances (locational, homeowners, barangay, MMDA, etc.)
  • Fire safety requirements
  • Contract of Lease and authorization of owner (if rented)
  • Title, tax declaration, tax receipt (if owned)
  • Contractor’s business permit
  • Sketch/pictures of the business location
  • Old building permit
  • Bill of materials, specifications, structural computation

Certificate of Occupancy

  • Sketch/pictures of the business location
  • Fire Inspection Certificate

Locational/Zoning Clearance

  • Contract of Lease (notarized)
  • Certificate of Occupancy (Building and Unit)
  • Sketch/pictures of the business location
  • Building Permit
  • Authorization from the owner (if rented)
  • Certification of No Renovation
  • Declaration of Real Property Tax

Fire Safety Inspection Certificate

  • Building plans
  • Building permit
  • Barangay Business Clearance
  • Fire insurance coverage
  • Compliance with requirements and recommendations from fire safety inspectors

Sanitary Permit

  • Chest X-Ray and 1×1 picture (from each employee)
  • Inspection of said establishment
  • Sanitary permit fee
  • Payment of sanitary permit and sanitary inspection fees
  • Medical Certificate/Health Card issued by the City Health Officer or duly authorized representative

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